The Two Year Anniversary Episode (Part Two) - In Which Mum Uses A Ferret To Lose Weight


Here's part two of the 2 Year Anniversary Spectacular! 


In this episode we hear from Carla (again) and Zoe from Number One Rerun.  They have a tricky Guess Who Isn't Coming To Dinner, which Zoe is NOT on board with.  


Sean and Eric from In Poor Taste Podcast bring their podcats along to ask Kipper an important question about food.  And they ask the question on everybody's lips - WHERE IS BELLE THE LOVELY DOG?


Emma, Michelle, and Jo (Mouse and Weens) pop by to say hello.  We find out why Mum moved to Spain in the process.  And a shout out goes to @Gunnware on Instagram.


Giles from The Filmmaker's Podcast has ANOTHER Guess Who Isn't Coming To Dinner, and decides to rewrite the much loved theme tune.  Unfortunately, he may not understand the rules.


The Would You Rather questions were taken from the book by Clint Hammerstrike.  Find it here


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Jingles and music are by Stacey and Owen Frost.


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