The Two Year Anniversary Episode (Part One) - In Which Mum Looks For a Biker on Grindr


Happy Birthday To Us!  We're celebrating our 2 year anniversary and lots of our favourite podcasters have popped by to say hello! Mum, Stacey and Kipper are all together in Spain. IT means things are just a little crazier than usual.


Find out if Mum would prefer to squeeze spots full of cheese or slugs.  And would she want a tiny head or a giant one?  Depends what type of hat you want wear.


The first guests are Harlo and Colly of Theme Park Films Podcast, and they're joined by their Cabana Boy, Will, of Hey Down In Front Podcast.

Next to say howdy is the lovely Chris from the More Gooder Than Podcast.  He has a message for Mum in Spanish, and he really has some nice things to say.  Mum gets a little distracted by his voice though.

Dave and Sophie of the podcast, Not For The Dinner Table, have a Guess Who Isn't Coming To Dinner.  Can Mum guess who the dead person they're describing is?  What sort of bubble bath does that dead person use?  And why does David hate Will Young?

Next to drive by are Lisa and Sam of I Shake My Head With Lisa and Sam.  They have questions for Kipper and Mum.  Why do cats eat grass?  Only Kipper has the answer.

Flying in for a quick hello is Suzy of The Casual Birder Podcast.  But where is she calling from?  And how did she get that bird to sing so well for the recording?

The guys from Interrupted Tales have found a photo of Kipper in space with Richard Nixon.  Who knew Kipper was a real astronaut?  Why has Mum joined Grindr? And what happens when Mum finds out Stacey has been working for Rob and Alan on Parasitecology without telling her?

Look out for Part Two next week!


The Would You Rather questions were taken from the book by Clint Hammerstrike.  Find it here


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