The Rough Giraffe Big New Year’s Quiz!


It's time for Mum and Stacey's Rough Giraffe Big New Year's Quiz! Here are the questions we ask on the show for you to answer, including the time-stamp so you can revisit a round to hear the questions again.  Remember, you can pause the show to give you time to answer the questions.  You can always print the question sheet from the Facebook page and send us a photo of the answers on your paper. Send your answers via email; or DM us on Twitter @roughgiraffepod.   There are prizes galore to be won!  You have until January 14th 2018 to get your answers in.



Round 1 - Mum’s Christmas Questions

[Time 03:26]


  1. After leaving Bethlehem to which country did Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jees travel?
  2. Which patron saint is remembered on the 26th December?
  3. What colour are the berries on mistletoe?
  4. Every elf has this ornament on the tip of their shoes. What ornament is it?
  5. What is Father Christmas called in France?


Round 2 - Stacey’s Throwback Round

[Time 04:48]


  1. (As sent to us from Besotted Geek Podcast) What are Harlo and Colly’s real names?
  2. What is Mum’s favourite flavour soup?
  3. In episode 1 who would Mum have a body transplant with?
  4. What attacked Stacey in the toilets of Series 2 - Episode 9?
  5. In series 1 we talked about a heavily pregnant giraffe due to give birth any day. What was the name of the giraffe?

BONUS POINT: What was the name of the baby giraffe?


Round 3 - More of Mum’s Christmas Questions

[Time 06:30]


  1. Name Santa’s EIGHT original reindeer.

BONUS POINT: Which 2 are named after thunder and lightning?

  1. Which country is credited with the creation of eggnog?
  2. Which country does St. Nicholas originally come from?
  3. What are the TWO most commonly left out snacks that children leave for Santa on Christmas Eve?
  4. How many points does a snowflake traditionally have?



Round 4 - Stacey’s Guinness World Record Round

[Time 08:00]


  1. Otto the skateboarding dog travelled through a tunnel made of the legs of how many people?
  2. How long did Lee Redmond grow her nails?
  3. What is the record for eating a chocolate orange the fastest?
  4. What is the record for drinking a bottle of tomato ketchup the fastest?
  5. What is the record for longest time dunking a biscuit in tea?


Round 5 - Even More of Mum’s Christmas Questions

[Time 14:43]


  1. What are the THREE gifts the wise men brought to the Baby Jees?
  2. In A Christmas Carol (by Charles Dickens and The Muppets) what is Ebenezer Scrooge’s partner called?
  3. Which was the first state in the US to recognise Christmas as an official pubic holiday?
  4. Which was the last state in the US to recognise Christmas as an official public holiday?
  5. From which country is the tree put up in Trafalgar Square, London, taken?


Round 6 - Stacey’s News of the Year

[Time 17:34]


  1. In February Britain was hit by winds of up to 94 mph causing travel disruption. What was the storm’s name?
  2. In March SpaceX’s Falcon 9 orbital class rocket was launched but why was it so special?
  3. In September we learned of a young lady who got stuck in a bathroom window whilst on a date…but what was she trying to retrieve when she got stuck?
  4. In November a new species of called pongo tapanuliensis was found in Sumatra. What is this species more commonly known as?
  5. In November a painting sold for world record $450 million despite lingering doubts over its authenticity – who was the artist?


Round 7 - Mum’s Music Round – Name That Tune!

[Time 20:16]


  1. Name the 5 Christmas Carols played (1 point for each)
  2. BONUS POINTS: Name the link between the 5 songs (2 points)
  3. BONUS BONUS POINTS: How many gifts were given to “my true love” in the song The 12 Days of Christmas? (2 points)


Round 8  - Guess Who Isn’t Coming to Dinner –

courtesy of Donna from Varmints and Soapy Madams podcasts

[Time 22:16]


  1. Name the person described in these 3 facts (4 points for the answer)

FACT ONE: This person once missed dinner due to a head injury that rendered them unconscious for two hours. It was thought this person might die, and everyone was rather worried about it.


FACT TWO: This person wrote the following "popular song".  (You will need to listen to the podcast to answer this - Covered here by the band Seven Degrees).


FACT THREE: This person was nicknamed "Coppernose" due to his much devalued coins.


BONUS FACT: Guess who is resting in the tomb this person intended to use after they were no longer able to go to dinner, due to death? (1 point for the answer)



Round 9 - Mum’s Christmas Music Round 2

[Time 23:49]


  1. The Ramones had a song called Merry Christmas (……………………….). Complete the song title by telling us what should be inside the brackets.
  2. What was the name of the lead singer of Wizzard, who sang I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day?
  3. The Pretenders had a Christmas hit with how many miles?
  4. Which song was a Christmas number one in 1956 and 1978 for 2 different artists?
  5. The Wassailing Song was released in 1992 by a well-known band of the time - it was presented and arranged by Gold Frankincense and ………… who?



Round 10 - Stacey’s Final Throwback Round

[Time 25:54]


  1. Why is Kipper the Wonky Cat wonky?
  2. In series 1 episode 6, who won The Toast Wars?
  3. In series 1 episode 10 where in America was Stacey calling Mum from?
  4. Name THREE countries which have only downloaded the podcast once (1 point for each).
  5. Which jingle, which has been used in every episode since the beginning, was missing from The 12 Days of Rough Giraffe Christmas episode?


Song credits will be found in the show notes of our next episode as we don't want to give away the answers.