S4-Ep.9 The Game Show Episode - In Which Mum Takes Home A Goat In A Boat


Fingers on buzzers... it's time for the GAME SHOW episode.  Mum and Stacey are taking a stumble down memory lane, talking about the game shows of yesteryear.  Mum talks about her favourite game shows, and has an idea for a new game show which could be rather dangerous for the losers.  She also talks about the worst prizes of all time including goats, coats, and boats.  Stacey quizzes Mum to find out if she could win a million pounds by answering Who Wants To Be A Millionaire questions. We also have stories from our listeners about their game show experiences.  In unrelated news Stacey talks about a discovery found in frozen seal poo.


In this episode we also talk about Catchphrase, Blankety Blank, Match Game, Crystal Maze, Celebrity Squares, Touch the Truck, Surprise Surprise and LOTS MORE!


This week Kipper answers questions from Charlotte and Dee.  Find out what Kipper's favourite animal is; and what cat bum tastes like.


BREAKING NEWS! Stacey is funny for the first time in 6 months (according to Mum).


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Jingles and music are by Stacey and Owen Frost.


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