S4-Ep.6 The New Year’s Episode - In Which Mum Becomes A Drag King Called Colin


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow! 2019 already?  Mum and Stacey are talking about the history of New Year's Day and why we make resolutions.  Mum still has some cracker jokes to tell, and she lets us know why she doesn't celebrate New Year.  Stacey has a story about a man that wins a bookshop in a raffle, and worries for pigs in Scandinavia.

We hear from Joanna about her New Year resolution to become a drag king... and now Mum wants to be a drag king called Colin.  

Kipper is here to tell Mouse and Weens how he gets through New Year.


This week, Mum's Cabana Boy is Spud from The Comedy Cast.  Find out where he's hiding the chorizo.


Jingles and most of the music are by Stacey and Owen Frost.


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