S4-Ep.7 The Madness Episode - In Which Mum Looks For A Camel In Paris


You don't have to be MAD to work here...but it helps!  In this episode Mum and Stacey explore the history of psychology and psychiatry, including myths and misunderstandings.  Mum talks about hysteria and the rather stimulating treatments used to cure women of this wildly over-diagnosed ailment.  Mum also tells us about the goddess Mania, who was rather partial to a bit of rabies.  Stacey is caught up in the phenomenon of mass hysteria; and is lost in the world of hypnosis. Stacey also describes the process of the lobotomy, not one for the faint hearted.  We have a Guess Who Isn't Coming To Dinner that will get you in a right spin!


Thank you to Bridget for asking Kipper a question.  Why do cat's suddenly turn on you when you fuss them?  Find out from the Wonky Podcat himself.


Jingles and music are by Stacey and Owen Frost.



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