S4-Ep.2 The Space Episode - In Which Mum Gets A Tan On Uranus


Welcome to SPACE! Mum and Stacey are exploring strange new worlds and civilisations in this episode.  Ok, well maybe they're going to the Moon and once around Uranus.  Mum talks about animals in Space, including the first living thing to leave our atmosphere.  There is also a new "Guess Who Isn't Coming To Dinner" where she describes a very well known celebrity.  Stacey updates us on James Cracknell's apple bobbing world record and finds out from Paul Csomo (Varmints Podcast) what Space smells like.  We also have Space facts from This, That and The Other Podcast.  Sean from In Poor Taste Podcast has an amazing piece about how rockets get into orbit.  Kipper is here to talk about Cat Radio and Space lasers.  He also has some wise words that we can all relate to.  Spocklight Podcast have a fun fact all about Star Trek.  In unrelated news, a man has a spoon stuck in his oesophagus FOR A WHOLE YEAR!


In this episode Mum's Cabana boy is played by the incredible Montrose Monkington III, with additional thanks to Nathan Spavold of What Were They Thinking? Podcast.


And a big thank you to John for helping Mum with the research after her WiFi was struck by lightning.


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