S4-Ep.10 The Animals With Jobs Episode - In Which Mum Does Yoga With A Goat


In this episode Mum and Stacey are talking about ANIMALS With JOBS!  In fact most of these animals have much better jobs than we do! Mum tells us about Twiggy the water skiing squirrel, Felicia the pipe cleaning ferret, and Jack the signalman baboon.  Stacey has discovered Yoga Goats, waste disposal cockroaches, and Victorian police dogs.


Also featured are: Police cats, Train cats, Politician cats... oh and Kipper the podcasting cat.  Find out what Kipper and Foxy have been upto lately.  Thank you to Anita for her question for Kipper.


*WARNING* This week's Unrelated News could be considered disgusting and gross.  We know you'll still listen but you have been warned.


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Jingles and music are by Stacey and Owen Frost.


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