S3-Ep.9 The Brain Episode - Frozen Brains and Catnip Years


In this episode Mum and Stacey discuss BRAINS.  Mum has some tricky brainteasers for you to answer, and she tells us about optical illusions.  She also explains what it's like to have only half a brain.  Ever wondered why we feel sick if someone else is vomiting?  Well it goes way back to the dinosaur times apparently.  Stacey talks about zombies, Albert Einstein and randy goats.  She also tells us why we get brain freeze.


We have a brain related Filmmaking Fact from the wonderful Giles of Filmmaker's Podcast. Find his show at http://thefilmmakerspodcast.com/


Bridget sends us a question for Kipper which leads him to talk about his "wilderness years".


We use a bit of music "Lobby Time" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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