S3-Ep.7 The Spain Episode - Luscious Plums and Intolerant Badgers


MUM'S BACK!!!!  Calling from her villa, Mum updates Stacey with all her Spanish shenanigans.  Mum is joined by her friend, John.  John has a story of Mistaken Identity: PETS SPECIAL.  When is a dog not a dog?  Find out which animals have been successfully passed off as canines.  Stacey talks about her recent trip to San Francisco, where a family fun run was a little more revealing than she was expecting.  Mum is on the look out for a cabana boy to help her get her socks on.  Send your applications to roughgiraffepodcast@gmail.com.  Kipper is here, giving away his secrets of success...or is he?


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