S3-Ep.12 The Cheese Episode - In Which Mum Has To Fight Off A Frisky Mullet


In the last episode of the series Mum and Stacey talk about CHEESE!  Mum has all sorts of facts about cheese made from different animal milk, including camel cheese and reindeer cheese.  She also explains the difficulty involved in milking a guinea pig.  What happens if you try to tempt fish by putting cheese on your legs?  Only Mum has the answer.  Stacey plays the game "Cheese or Disease", and tells us about cheese related world records, including the world record for eating cheese under a car.  Kipper joins the ladies to talk about the controversial Twitter poll regarding which is the best cheese.  In unrelated news a man has a weird attraction to magnets.


We have a Cheese Related Music Fact from Carla, host of Number One Rerun Podcast and Theme Park Films Podcast.  https://numberonererun.podbean.com/

We have used a sample of music from Kevin Macleod:

"Lobby Time" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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