S2-Ep.8 The Dating Episode - Amateur Gymnasts and Pirate Wellies


Watch out! Mum's been CATFISTED!  This episode is all about dating, whether it be online or in real life.  If you have ever tried online dating you'll understand Mum's frustrations at never seeming to find anyone "normal" to talk to.  They have glass eyes, wonky legs, and skeletons in the closet...just next to the gimp mask.  Mum talks about having a blind date with a blind man, and tells us why we shouldn't be so keen to quote Shakespeare.  Stacey has some listeners dating disaster stories and tries to find out why Mum wants to date a pirate.


Kipper talks about feline genitalia, though he'd rather be left alone to watch a film.  This week superfans Harlo and Colly (Carla and Holly) of Theme Park Films Podcast call in to ask Kipper one of the most disturbing questions ever asked.  


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