Oct 31, 2018

S4-Ep.1 The Halloween Episode - In Which Mum Encounters Some Sexy Ghosts

Mum and Stacey are back for Series 4 and it's Halloween! In this episode Mum is talking about Chinese and Japanese ghosts.  Guess Who Isn't Coming To Dinner is also BACK!  Mum describes a person who has departed and therefore can not come to dinner.  Can you guess who the person is from the clues given?  We are introduced to Mum's new housekeeper, Conchita - how long will she last?  Stacey talks about Halloween traditions, and Mum gets confused about who holds the world record for apple-bobbing. Kipper is here to tell us what he is scared of. He also finds out about Cat Radio.  What songs would you play on Cat or Dog Radio?


Conchita the Housekeeper played by Jenni Lea-Jones.

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