Aug 19, 2018

S3-Ep.11 The Belly Button Episode - Witch Nipples and Grandad’s Earwax

This episode is all about NIPPLES and BELLY BUTTONS!  Mum tells us about famous people with extra nipples; explains why men have nipples; and introduces us to The Great Nipplini - the man with the strongest nipples in the world.  The FBI and The Men In Black may shut this episode down once they realise Mum and Stacey have discovered a breast related conspiracy.  Stacey tells us what makes the perfect belly button; she reveals how many bacteria we have in our navels and talks about cheese made from this bacteria.  Stacey also has exciting news about a new arrival.

It's Kipper's 13th birthday today.  He joins us to answer a question from Eastender's Weekly Podcast (twitter @eastendersweek) about smelly cat paws.

Chris from the movie podcast More Gooder Than (twitter @mgtpodcast; website joins us to give a movie fact about belly buttons.

We have used a sample of music from Kevin Macleod:

"Lobby Time" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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