Jun 18, 2018

S3-Ep.7 The Spain Episode - Luscious Plums and Intolerant Badgers

MUM'S BACK!!!!  Calling from her villa, Mum updates Stacey with all her Spanish shenanigans.  Mum is joined by her friend, John.  John has a story of Mistaken Identity: PETS SPECIAL.  When is a dog not a dog?  Find out which animals have been successfully passed off as canines.  Stacey talks about her recent trip to San Francisco, where a family fun run was a little more revealing than she was expecting.  Mum is on the look out for a cabana boy to help her get her socks on.  Send your applications to roughgiraffepodcast@gmail.com.  Kipper is here, giving away his secrets of success...or is he?


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Jun 4, 2018

S3-Ep.6 The Dinosaur Episode - Cockroach Milk and Dinosaur Sewers

It's time for AWESOME LIZARDS! Otherwise known as DINOSAURS!  Who doesn't love dinosaurs?  Stacey and Owen have a funny fact-filled episode for you this week.  Stacey tries to explain to Owen how big a dinosaur really is, and ends up comparing it to a sausage.  Owen is horrified to hear how dinosaurs reproduced, and reconsiders where he puts his fingers in future.  We find out which type of dinosaurs our listeners prefer... and the answer may surprise you.  Kipper pops by to answer a listener's question, but things get a bit too political for Stacey's liking.


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