Oct 29, 2017

S2-Ep.7 The Fashion Episode - Killer Collars and Shell Suit Ninjas

Strut your stuff down the catwalk with Mum and Stacey.  This episode is all about FASHION.  Mum tells us where clothes came from...way back even before the Bible times.  She explains why men wore heels, and why women had to avoid waltzing next to an open fire.  Stacey talks about an unfortunate tale of tiger porn gone wrong, and ponders why we never see moths in the wardrobe anymore.  Kipper the Wonky Cat is propositioned by Sam and Lisa from I Shake My Head, and Belle the Lovely Dog gives a #TeamBelle shoutout to Gibs and Mary in Israel.

The listeners send in their stories of wardrobe malfunctions, and ask Mum for fashion advice.  What does a young man wear to keep warm and look trendy in Canada this winter?

This week the gang are joined by Stork and Peacock from The Besotted Geek Podcast.  They try to get Mum and Stacey caught up in some illegal doings - but will Mum help them?  You'll have to listen to find out.

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Oct 5, 2017

S2-Ep.6 The Random Episode - Schoolboy Knees and Dandelion Peacocks

In this episode Mum and Stacey are going RANDOM!  It's a veritable free-for-all.  Mum has some stories from the Illustrated Police News including an unfortunate elephant teasing and Adventures With a Bear!  She also warns of the dangers of cracks.  Stacey talks about tree goats (again) and has discovered the beauty of albino animals, including a white giraffe and the world's most stunning peacock.  Kipper and Belle join the gang to answer a question from Christine of the And That's Why We Drink podcast...will Mum reveal a long-held secret?  #TeamBelle shoutouts to Juno and Benji.


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