Dec 11, 2017

S2-Ep.10 Pink-toed Poodles and Hormonal Coconuts

Mum and Stacey are on HOLIDAY! This episode is recorded on location in Spain. Join Mum, Stacey and their friend Nic from the moment they leave for the airport to the second they return home.   The adventures begin with Mum looking for a boyfriend in the departures lounge.  Find out what a baby flamingo is called, and discover how Mum ended up asleep in a hedge.  Stacey is buying some naughty souvenirs and has her foot sucked on the beach whilst a naked man frolics nearby.  Nic sees a chihuahua in dungarees, and asks "Why is there only one towel?"

We end the holiday sitting up on the roof drinking cava and answering questions from the listeners.


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Nov 28, 2017

S2-Ep.9 Hippo Fossils and Funeral Strippers

After all that chat about dating Mum wants to talk about DEATH.  Stacey has a terrifying real life tale of horror involving something strange in a bin.  Mum talks about funeral rituals including sky burials and finger amputataions.  Stacey tries to cheer everyone up talking about coffins and armadillos.  We have an extract from the brilliant Illustrated Police News.  Kipper answers questions from the listeners including "Do you think of dying in 9 different ways?"

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Nov 13, 2017

S2-Ep.8 Amateur Gymnasts and Pirate Wellies

Watch out! Mum's been CATFISTED!  This episode is all about dating, whether it be online or in real life.  If you have ever tried online dating you'll understand Mum's frustrations at never seeming to find anyone "normal" to talk to.  They have glass eyes, wonky legs, and skeletons in the closet...just next to the gimp mask.  Mum talks about having a blind date with a blind man, and tells us why we shouldn't be so keen to quote Shakespeare.  Stacey has some listeners dating disaster stories and tries to find out why Mum wants to date a pirate.


Kipper talks about feline genitalia, though he'd rather be left alone to watch a film.  This week superfans Harlo and Colly (Carla and Holly) of Theme Park Films Podcast call in to ask Kipper one of the most disturbing questions ever asked.  


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Oct 29, 2017

S2-Ep.7 Killer Collars and Shell Suit Ninjas

Strut your stuff down the catwalk with Mum and Stacey.  This episode is all about FASHION.  Mum tells us where clothes came from...way back even before the Bible times.  She explains why men wore heels, and why women had to avoid waltzing next to an open fire.  Stacey talks about an unfortunate tale of tiger porn gone wrong, and ponders why we never see moths in the wardrobe anymore.  Kipper the Wonky Cat is propositioned by Sam and Lisa from I Shake My Head, and Belle the Lovely Dog gives a #TeamBelle shoutout to Gibs and Mary in Israel.

The listeners send in their stories of wardrobe malfunctions, and ask Mum for fashion advice.  What does a young man wear to keep warm and look trendy in Canada this winter?

This week the gang are joined by Stork and Peacock from The Besotted Geek Podcast.  They try to get Mum and Stacey caught up in some illegal doings - but will Mum help them?  You'll have to listen to find out.

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Oct 5, 2017

S2-Ep.6 Schoolboy Knees and Dandelion Peacocks

In this episode Mum and Stacey are going RANDOM!  It's a veritable free-for-all.  Mum has some stories from the Illustrated Police News including an unfortunate elephant teasing and Adventures With a Bear!  She also warns of the dangers of cracks.  Stacey talks about tree goats (again) and has discovered the beauty of albino animals, including a white giraffe and the world's most stunning peacock.  Kipper and Belle join the gang to answer a question from Christine of the And That's Why We Drink podcast...will Mum reveal a long-held secret?  #TeamBelle shoutouts to Juno and Benji.


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Sep 17, 2017

S2-Ep.5 Tree Goats and Toast the Redeemer

This episode is all about the Seven Wonders of the World...well kind of...we mention 3 or 4 of them anyway.  Mum tells us about her date with a man in Canada, and tries to describe what urine tastes like.  Stacey has a theory about Stonehenge that is out of this world, and tells Mum all about a woman who married a train station. 

Kipper pops by for a chat, though he's a little worse for wear.  Hannah from The Film Roast Podcast has a question about movies for Belle the Lovely Dog. Find out which celebrity dogs Belle thinks are sexy.


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Sep 4, 2017

S2-Ep.4 Skydiving Armpits and Inside Pigs

Mum and Stacey bring you an episode all about DEATH. Mum tells us what's on her bucket list, and explains why she can't skydive anymore. Stacey has some tales about people dying in silly ways, and the listeners send in their spooky ghost stories. Kipper answers a question about being a father from the guys at Dad Zone Podcast.

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Aug 20, 2017

S2-Ep.3 Urban Moths and Lunchtime Leg Ends

It's the Myths and Legends episode and it's EPIC!  Mum talks about Pandora, and how a woman's curiosity led to her husband being tried for murder.  Stacey tells us about her hunt for the Loch Ness Monster and explains why the 5 second rule doesn't apply in her house.  Kipper pops by to answer questions from The Besotted Geek Podcast, and I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam.  Find out which part of Mum is Canadian.

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Aug 3, 2017

S2-Ep.2 Parkour Nuns and Banana Skirts

This episode is TOP SECRET! Mum and Stacey talk about Spies.  Would they make good spies?  Could they kill for Queen and country?  Mum tells us the essentials all secret agents need to do some spying and it's certainly not the sort of thing James Bond would have packed in his suitcase.  Stacey tells us about a brilliant famous lady spy and explains why she's too antisocial to be a secret agent.  Kipper's here to tell us why he would make the perfect spy.

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Jul 16, 2017

S2-Ep.1 Dorset Knobs and Donkey Nipples

Mum and Stacey are back with a brand new series and are talking about Great British Holidays! With all the hot weather we've been having Mum is down to her ankle socks and the roads are melting! Stacey talks about naughty seagulls and milking donkeys. Mum reminiscences about holidays gone by and how maybe next year they could go knob chucking. Kipper has been to the dentist and not in the mood to talk. The competition winners are revealed - who's going to win a mug?

With the usual jingles, raunchy chat and shout outs to the listeners, series 2 is back with a bang!

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